Whether you're a one man shop or a company with a full sales department, thinking of your website as a member of your sales staff can help you see it's worth and better understand how to invest in improving it's functionality. A professional website is a resource for other sales representatives and a first impression for many people considering your product or service. If done right, your website might even be your star salesperson.

Your website knows your business.

The ease of updating and editing a professional website makes it the ideal authoritative place for everything you want clients to see. When done right, everything should be there whether it's product and service information, news or contact information.

A well kept site is a useful tool when communicating with clients. There's no reason to worry about sales staff having outdated or contradictory information when it's all centralized in one regularly updated place online. Having important information about your products and services at your fingertips make you look professional. That builds trust with prospective clients if they're speaking to a salesperson or visiting your site on their own.

Your website puts your best face forward.

New customers come from a variety of places; some are referrals, others may find you through a web search or a review site. Wherever they come from, they often want to check out your business before they commit. Most people do that by visiting your website.

A professional site with a compelling message is often the difference between a new customer for you and a new customer for a competitor. A poorly designed, incomplete or difficult to understand site tells a prospective customer that your service is just as disorganized and unprofessional.

A well organized website, uncluttered, with a clear message can earn you a new customer before they even pick up the phone or walk in. All you have to do is seal the deal.

Your website is always there, working for you.

As a small business owner or manager, late nights aren't anything new but even so, everyone has to sleep some time. The prospective client searching Google in the middle of the night will have noting but your website to base their decision. The quality of your website and its message determines whether, in the morning, there's a voicemail or email waiting.

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