Holidays on social media

Since tomorrow is Independence Day, I thought we could talk about how to take advantage of holidays on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Social media is effective because it connects your business with customers is a personal way. Many people get excited about holidays. They have traditions with family of friends thats are very important to them. Tapping into that emotion can help you connect and improve their customer loyalty.

Encourage conversation

Encourage your audience to share by asking them to comment or reply with their plans or feelings about the upcoming holiday. If your organization has some tie in to the holiday, take advantage of that to focus the conversation. But don't push too hard, the idea is to create a conversation not trick them into a sales pitch.

Holiday sales advantage

Certain holidays are big money makers for some businesses. Valentines and Mother's Day are both huge if you're a Florist., for instance. If you're not offering your social followers a good deal, the chance of them going elsewhere is greater now than at any other time. They're seeing ads and offers for holiday sales everywhere including many from big box chains on TV and other places where your small business can't effectively compete.

A strong social media presence gives you the tools to stand up against the holiday ad onslaught. By connecting with your customers on a more personal level, you can bring them to you instead of a competitor. Be sure to start early and be consistent some people take care of their holiday purchases way ahead of time, other wait until the last minute and you want them to see your holiday deals whenever they chance to look.

The people behind your business

It's good for your business image to occasionally give your clients a peek inside at the people behind the brand. Social media is the ideal place for this kind of engagement and holidays are the perfect time. Put up some pictures from the company Memorial Day picnic or showing gifts from the office's secret santa. Holidays are about people and so is good customer outreach.

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