Quality photography can land you more customers.

It’s doubtful that anyone will argue that photography is part of any good website design. Who wants to stare at paragraphs of text and links with little else. When a website has only a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, engaging design and quality photography can be the difference between a new client and a lost opportunity.

The quality of the photography on your business’ website and promotional materials is an immediate indicator to any potential client of the quality of your product or service. Even if they aren't actively making a judgement, a blurry or sub-par photo will not properly represent your product's quality.

Even if the photos are not of products, they still represent your business. Just like a sloppy salesman or rude technician can damage your reputation, so can a weak website with bad photos.

Effex Agency specializes in building high quality and affordable websites and marketing materials for small businesses and organizations. Our services work, bringing our clients more business for less.

One of the first steps we take with a new client is to talk about photography. Some clients are lucky and have vendor content to fall back on or are in an industry where some quality stock photos will do the job. For the clients that need specific photos or who want to go that extra step, we always recommend hiring a professional photographer.

The cost of lost business from using unprofessional photography will be far more than the one time fee for a good photographer.

Looking for a great new website or marketing materials? No matter how many photos, we can help. Give Effex Agency a call at 321-872-8932 or contact us using the form below.

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