So, I learned today about a video of car dealership employees in Westport getting into a heated argument with a local pizza delivery man over $7 has led to Internet anger and a personal apology.

The video, posted on Liveleak, begins with a delivery man returning $7 in cash to the dealership that he had thought was a tip. By the end of the video, one dealership worker threatens to “put my foot in your a**” and another says he will call the delivery man’s manager and get him fired. The man took what he thought was a tip and left. The card dealership then called him back to deliver that what he thought was a 7 dollar tip on a 43 dollar order. They got into a huge debate and things got a little out of control. The dealership treated this man poorly but the internet finds a way to make things right.

The video was leaked on the internet and people have gone crazy. Commentators who claim to have seen the video before it was made private identify the dealership as F & R Auto Sales in Westport. Review pages of that dealership on Yelp and Google were being flooded with negative ratings on Wednesday. In addition, the dealership’s website struggled to load due to traffic of people attacking..Calls to the dealership through their main phone line did not go through. Messages left through the site’s Google Connect link, Facebook account, listed email, and on Twitter were not immediately returned. The Internet has gone on full on attack. There has even been a Go Fund Me account set up for the pizza delivery man that currently has 5,821 dollars on it.

This is the power of the digital age. As a webdesign company we help business build a online profile that highlights them in the most positive light. We help get them reviews and put them all over the internet to help anyone researching a company to know that its safe to do business with them. However, its up to each business to maintain their own integrity. We live in a digital world everyone has video taking smartphones in the pocket and can record anything you say. Always, hold yourself in the highest regard because anyone can be listening. The pizza delivery driver received a personal apology from the owner of the card dealership but it will take years to rebuild that company reputation. 

For the full video click below!

(Warning: The video contains some NSFW language.)

Westport Mass Car Dealership shames Pizza Man

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