Travis Gibb

So, When I was growing up I learned my values from the pages of comic books. I learned my right and wrong from the pages of Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America and the X-Men. I read these comics and learned how to treat my family, my friends and everyone in society. In these comic book the superhero swings and saves the girl. This vision of the world often got me in trouble as a child. I would try to right wrongs and get myself in detention on a regular basis. I would defend women that were hurt from anything from a simple break up, a rude word or violence. At the time I thought I was really making a difference, showing people around me the way men should treat women.


However, that was until I saw real violence against women. I have seen women hit in front of me. I have been beaten from some of those men while i stood in the way. I have stood silently when I have seen verbal abuse and I have heard of horrible situations that all I could do is pray for the women who have been hurt. Even more shocking as I have learned about Nancy Peltonen (Director of Marketing and Fundraising.) and stood by her side helping in anyway i could. I have heard people makes jokes about domestic violence to the women to the people who make are trying to stop it. There is nothing funny about it. 

So, when I was asked to wear women's heels and help with the Walk  A Mile in Her Shoes Fundraiser, I sucked up my pride and put on the red pair of heels. I even offered myself  to be on the cover of Spotlight Magazine to bring awareness to the event . However, it takes more then me walking in shoes to make a impact, I am looking for donations to help Serene Harbor. These donations will support all the hard work this awesome organization does to bring awareness and stop the abuse.


For over 20 years, Serene Harbor has offered safe refuge and provided life changing services to more than 25,000 women and children who were victims of domestic violence in our community.  There vision is a community that is educated about and welcoming to victims of domestic violence and their needs. Our mission is to be a leading advocate for reducing the incidence of domestic violence in Brevard County through intervention, prevention, social change, information, enlightenment, education and engagement of our community. Overcoming the effects of domestic violence is a monumental task for survivors and their children. 



Thursday, April 30th 5-9 pm, Melbourne Auditorium 
Partnership Opportunities

Please contact Nancy Peltonen at 321-726-0402 or via email atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the name, shoe size and shirt size for each member on your team.

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